Sunday, June 04, 2006

Á là Google

Perhaps nitpicking French is a new departure for me, but I could not let this pass without comment. As reported in Business Week (my emphasis):

What's next in easy-to-use business intelligence? Gartner has a concept it calls "Biggle" -- the intersection of BI and Google. The idea is that the data warehousing software will be so sophisticated that it understands when different people use different words to describe the same concepts or products. It creates an index of related information -- á là Google -- and dishes relevant results out in response to queries.

Now much as I welcome a new era of Biggling, in which super-advanced Business Intelligence software will interpret the vague mumblings of datawarehouse users and return intelligently structured trend analysis reports in a manner reminiscent of the ship's computer in Star Trek, you cannot just make up accents at random and expect them to give an authentic cosmopolitan feel to a dreary IT analysis report. "A la Google," the writer must have thought, "not bad, but it could do with a bit more Frenchifying. Hmm, 'Â lã Gøögle' I wonder? No, too Swedish..."

Perhaps an analysis company that can't even bother to research or proofread an everyday phrase like À la... does not deserve to be taken seriously.


Noons said...

well yes, but in this day and age where wikipedia is supposed to be the authoritative source of all information, you expect correctness of form and content?

Then again, it's Gartner: anyone taking them seriously is right up there with the managers of the pointy hair styles.

Validate the source of information? A:Narh, too hard.

Make sure it's properly written?
A:Ain't that what spullchekers are 4?

Make sure it's something relevant or ven minimally credible?
A:Butbutbut, it's so kewl!

And the showbiz goes on...

Joel Garry said...

Look up biggle at